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International Product Labels

We are happy to announce that Morris Fenderbaum is coming to 7 new countries:

France 🇫🇷 Italy 🇮🇹 the Netherland 🇳🇱 Poland 🇵🇱 Spain 🇪🇸 Sweden 🇸🇪 Türkiye 🇹🇷


From now on, if you order our products from the above countries, you will receive an additional product information sheet in your parcel. 

1. Just find the suitable label in your language 🗣 2. Cut out the respective label ✂️ 3. Stick the label on the back of the bottle so you always have it at hand 🏷 

🎉 Enjoy your product!

Morris Fenderbaum Banner International

Morris Fenderbaum Logo

Morris Fenderbaum offers specialized and customized products for almost all household, handicraft and commerce sectors. With our products, the complete household, business premises, glass and plastic surfaces, vehicles, metals of all kinds and even sensitive surfaces can be cleaned, cared for and maintained effortlessly. Spray, wipe and done! These three simple steps maximize the fun of cleaning and guarantee our beloved customers the results they are looking for. With Morris Fenderbaum, you save time, money and energy while taking care of your favorite things.

Our vision

The quality of Morris Fenderbaum products is paramount. We develop products that work and promise the satisfaction of our customers. From recipe development, product manufacturing, to logistics operation and even our partner network, we pay attention to many facets of sustainability. Our products help our customers save their precious time and support them in leading a sustainable life.



Transparency is our mantra! We always communicate honestly about our business, and you can find every product information from many of our communication channels. Using Morris Fenderbaum products is not an experiment, it is a confirmation of your expectation!


Why do Morris Fenderbaum products work so well?

With our thoughtful recipes, everyone can use Morris Fenderbaum products to clean and maintaining their belongings thoroughly without leaving any residue. These special formulas extend the life of cars, bikes/e-bikes, grills, electrical appliances, shoes and much more!

  Morris Fenderbaum Holistische Nachhaltigkeit

Holistic Sustainability 

Morris Fenderbaum's high-quality and efficient products simplify the lives of our customers while conserving valuable resources for the planet. It is our goal to professionaly improve the quality of life of every customers by developing innovative and effective products - with the utmost attention to product safety.


Our highly concentrated products reduce packaging by eliminating the need to transport unnecessary amounts of liquid across the country. This results in a much more environmentally friendly logistics operation.


Microplastic particles and nanoparticles are not only hazardous to flora and fauna, but also to human as they end up in our food chain via animals and plants.


The only animals involve in our business are our beloved office dogs!


Morris Fenderbaum is based in Hamburg, Northern Germany. We generate minimal CO2 emissions from our logistics operation, as they are produced in EU and packaged in Hamburg. As a member of amfori, quality assurance management, product and social compliance and ongoing factory audits are inseparable parts of our business.



Developed in Germany 🇩🇪 - Manufactured in the EU 🇪🇺

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Morris Fenderbaum + Auto Bild: Premium Auto-Pflegeset

Mit diesem Pflegeset seid Ihr Bereit und macht Euer Auto zum Showcar und habt nach getaner Arbeit eine tolle Lektüre.

🔥 Das Set ist auf nur 5000 Stück limitiert!

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